Sunday, November 29, 2015

Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe

I've been making my own laundry detergent on and off (mostly on) for the last 4 years. Recently I stumbled across a new recipe even more simple/easy/quick than the one I've been using all along. This is a dry recipe. So here ya go!

These are the ingredients you'll need.
Borax, Washing Soda, and Fels Naptha.

These are the utensils you'll need
A measuring cup, grater, and a bowl/container to store the detergent.

Add one cup of Borax, one cup of Washing Soda and grate the entire bar of Fels Naptha in your bowl.

 Mix it all together and there ya go! You will use 1-2 tbs per load of laundry.

Optional: Can add 15-20 drops of your choice essential oil.

Enjoy! :)

Sick Macie...EO Testimony

This week my Macie has come down with a cold. And oh wow! THE COUGH AND CONGESTION!! So the other day in particular was rough and I was for sure we were in for an endless night of no sleep. And it finally hit me...DUH, OILS!! Thieves to fight off illness and build immunity, and RC for cough and congestion. COUGHING STOPPED and we slept straight through the night! Love my oils!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Tuesday Nov. 24, 2015

"My Thanksgiving gift to you is to let you know you know you are doing a wonderful job raising those kids. You are a wonderful mother. Keep doing what you're doing, it's paying off."

"They know the choices you made, you made in their best interest. They know the things you do now, you're doing to provide a better future for them. They are protective of you."

"You are doing a wonderful job."

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Big Brother Love

Sunday November 22, 2015

This child! <3 Macie comes running into the kitchen and sits in the corner, crying. Asher comes to her aide to figure out what's wrong. Macie talks about how she is scared of the playground at church, it's so high in the air, etc. Asher encourages her that she CAN overcome her fear! He reminds her of times when she has overcome fears before. He shares stories of when he has overcame his own fears. I love how he puts his hand on her knee and so compassionately loves his sister. I secretly recorded their interaction until Asher noticed (he doesn't like being filmed!) so this is a screenshot of the video. Oh my heart! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

2nd Grade Performance

Thursday, November 19th, 2015
Asher's 2nd grade performace; Journey into Outer Space!

That's my fella in the black and green shirt.

He had two solos! He rocked it!

Asher made Saturn for a school project.

What a blast Zeke, Macie and I had watching Asher! He shined bright! Couldn't be more proud of him!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Kisses From Heaven And Sweet Reminders

God's the midst of an emotional conversation where tears were flowing, I was walking to Macie's school to pick her up. From a distance I see her radiant smile, I hear her joyful laugh. She is saying 'goodbye' individually to all her friends boarding the bus. She wishes them a wonderful afternoon and 'see ya tomorrow!' Her light is bright. She brings happiness to those she's around. My soul gave thanks to God for this kiss from heaven; in the midst of my emotional turmoil, He reminded me there is still so much to give thanks for, there is still so much to be happy about. He is teaching me so much through my children.

And tonight...ahhh tonight. It's 10:30 p.m., my boys have been asleep for a bit, and my Macie-Mace is full of energy because she took a nap (something she does not normally do). I needed alone time tonight to complete chores and school work. As I am busily working, she's standing by my side, chattin' away; telling me stories and plans and parties she's planning with her friends - oh, and this big camping trip! She is wearing the biggest smile. She wants me to record her. I do for a while. What is more important than this? She won't be this little for long. She may not always want to be with me, under my feet, by my side, or laying on my back. She is so close to me right now. I need to soak this in.

Ahh, my sweet Macie-Mace.

As I write this, she is recording herself on my phone (I showed her how through selfie-mode). The stuff she is saying...this girl is sweet. So sweet. She brings so much light to our family. What a blessing she is.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I love when we are reminded of something, when we see God's handiwork. It's like everything has come full circle.

I was talking with a friend this morning and it reminded me of this. What a good reminder for me! 

About 10 months ago, I started praying a new prayer I've never prayed before. I was asking for favor...for my kids and self, in the eyes of teachers, fellow students, employers, etc. There were big changes taking place in our lives, and I felt like this is something we really needed, especially considering we did not have a home church, or the close friends we once had in Georgia.

I've seen this favor take place in some friendships. A change of heart. The prayers coming for friends on the behave of my little family -- I can tell they are sincere and heartfelt. I can tell their hearts hurt for those of my children's. My kids have been blessed with amazing teachers this year. Seriously, every single one of them deserve a gold star; could not have asked for anyone better than the teachers they have. One of my college teachers (she is the teacher for 3 of my current classes) has been so amazing kind, helpful, patient with me. She has gone the extra mile to tutor me and explain things. She's available via e-mail, phone, or in person. I am so grateful to God for her. She has lent me encouraging words regarding my situation and efforts. She is the first teacher I've had to come along side me and help. For the first time I feel like I will actually (and finally!) graduate with my college degree. And for my kids and the fellow-student front, for the most part, things have also been going well. 

Those things alone are incredible and amazing, but one of the most important arenas for needing favor is the job front. As a mother in a town with no family to help, it's important I be able to still parent my children. If my kids need me during the day, I need to be able to be there for them. If I have to call out because a child is sick, I need to be able to do that without worrying if my job is on the line. I've had some harsh employers in the past. They've kind of scarred me. How I landed the job I currently have is a complete God-thing, and my boss is an answer to prayers. I've been impressed with her and how she runs things from the get-to. How she listens and cares about her employees. How prayer is involved in work meetings (I do work at a church daycare center). She has worked with me on days when my kids don't have school, allowing them to sit in the fellowship area, enabling me to be able to work. 

The other day, she said something to me about "you're a mom first" and I was like, DID YOU JUST SAY THAT? I've had so many employers straight up tell me that my job should come first, period. And those same people had kids of their own! I may stay at this job forever just because of my amazing boss. ;) 

So back to this morning, I was telling my friend about my prayer for favor. And it hit me! God has totally answered it! Look at all the things above and specifically, my job. I mean, wow! I love when seeing things come full circle. We start with a hope and prayer and with time and through trials, God is faithful. This lets me know He saw a need for this in our lives and look how He provided! Amazing! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween 2015

Saturday October 31, 2015

We were gifted with the opportunity to go to Kansas to visit our dear friends, The Otts, for Halloween. We left Friday after school, the drive was about 12 hours. We left 3a.m. that Monday. My kids had an allergist appointment in Fargo so we got there just in time for that. Turns out Zeke is allergic to, like, all trees, grass, dust, mold, etc., also cats and dogs, coconut, peanuts and tree nuts. Phew! That poor kiddo.

Back to Kansas, that was our first time getting to visit there and it was exciting! Amber cooked delicious foods and she and I ate on the porch for all except one meal. I love front porch eatin'! We took the kids trick-or-treating throughout town. Zeke was a gorilla, Asher was a muscular Spiderman, and my Macie-Mace was Olaf. After trick-or-treating, Amber's hubby and younger two kiddos went home. She and I and all my three and her older two then went to check out a haunted house that someone in town put on. She and the kids got out of the car to get in line while I tried to park. As I was doing so, I had my window rolled down and Amber and I were talking. I noticed a clown off in the distance walking closer...kinda like he was walking towards Amber and the kids. I'm like, GET IN THE CAR. Sure enough, clown dude comes to our car. He stands outside of my window and looks stares inside. I literally am standing in my seat (if you can imagine that) screaming on the top of my lungs. I was not the only one screaming! What felt like forever later, he walked over to Amber's side where he just stood there, peering into the car. She turned her gaze and was freaking out as was everyone else in the car. At this point, Zeke was pleading for me to drive off and Macie was in tears. Clown dude did a quick walk around the car, eyeing us all over, then he walked away. We left. We so left so fast. That was enough of a haunted house experience for us. We were content. (Well, really Bri did want to go back. That brave kid!)

Sunday if felt good to "sleep in."Amber took us to a nearby town and we did some shopping, sight seeing. It was a cute town! Very charming. And oh-my-gosh, they have a dedicated health food store! I miss having one of those!

Amber and I have been friends for 9.5 years. Zeke and Bri have been buddies since they were 2. Special friendships we have with these folks. The good thing about them moving to Kansas is now we are only 12 hours away as apposed to 26 hours! 

All the kiddos (except Paisley).

Macie and Amber.

Asher, Macie, and Kaitlyn making bead necklaces and bracelets.

Bri knitting. I taught her what I know. She caught on very quickly! Smart girl!

(Sunday) Our last evening in Kansas. 
Amber and I sat on the porch, sipping roasted dandelion root tea and chatting.

11-year-old Zeke and Bri.
They look good for 2a.m.!

Two-year-old Bri and Zeke.

Driving home. Somewhere in South Dakota.