Monday, August 11, 2014

Macie riding a bike!

Sunday August 10th, 2014

This was Macie's first time riding a bike (outside)! We bought her a bike a couple months ago, but she couldn't ride it, so we kept it inside for her to practice on. Lately she has gotten the hang of riding inside, but still wasn't able to outside on the gravel. But last night she did! All by herself for the first time! So exciting! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cynthia Doolittle Clingan

Cynthia Doolittle Clingan
December 7th, 1969-August 1st, 2014

My dear sweet friend passed away from stage 4 breast cancer. In January, she was diagnosed with her third recurrence since her initial cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2010.

I met Cynthia at the Healing Strong conference last September. She and her friend, Jade, came from Franklin, Tennessee. They both having had breast cancer, Jade still in the midst of her fight, and at the time, Cynthia believing she was healed. Our first night at the conference, they came and sat at my table. We ended up sitting together the rest of the weekend. We have kept in touch ever since.

There was something so special about Cynthia. She was peaceful and calm, and so full of joy. She loved Jesus - it was so evident. She had a heart to help others and to educate them. She and Jade took me under their wings that weekend and comforted me! It should have been the other way around, but I was battling my fear, and they called me sister, said we were Cancer Thrivers, patted my back when I couldn't help but cry, said encouraging words, said they would pray for me. After that weekend, Cynthia was faithful to keep in touch with me. I never, ever thought that she would pass not quite 11 months later. I can't believe the last time I talked to her (July 2nd) would be the last time I ever would get to. I've gone back and forth with anger and disbelieve to peace and thankfulness she is no longer suffering. She went to Heaven and for that I'm grateful, but selfishly, I want her back here. Cynthia leaves behind her husband and three kids, ages 13, 10, and  8. 

Today was her funeral followed by her celebration of life. Her church had broadcast it live on their website, so I was able to watch and feel somewhat part of it. Her children, so beautiful, strong and brave. Her husband, an incredible man of God, I valued his words. He even mentioned Cynthia loving the book "The Gospel of Yes" and said she would order it for others. I immediately hopped on over to Amazon and ordered a copy. 

I'm thankful Cynthia has received her permanent healing. I'm thankful she is with our Heavenly Father. She was an incredible woman who did incredible things while on this earth. And her legacy shall live on through her husband and children and everyone else's life that she impacted. Someone said, to know Cynthia was to love her. So true.

R.I.P. my beautiful friend. I love you & miss you.

From left to right:
Cynthia, Chris Wark (, and Jade.
I took this picture of them at the Healing Strong conference in Sept. 2013.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Funny Stories

Macie was telling me how she loves me and daddy. Daddy has her left side, and I have her right. Cute stuff. :) 

Tonight at dinner, out of the middle of nowhere, Asher goes, "Mom, when I become government, I'm going to DESTROYYY all the wheat!" That made me laugh. Only my child would make that type of random comment. And for those wondering, we have been wheat/gluten free since the end of June. Because of my two autoimmune diseases, doctors have suggested that I may have an allergy to gluten. And because there are so many illness between both sides of the family, as kind of prevention for my children, gluten free has been a family adventure.

And my Zeke. So helpful, responsible, and always joking around with me and his daddy. :) His new favorite game is Uno which he cannot get enough of. Boy will beg, plead, and bribe you to play for hours. :)

I love my kiddos. So thankful to be their mama.