Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Space & Rocket Center trip!


About to go swimming!

View on the ride home.
April 26-27 we went on a trip with Zeke's Cub Scout pack to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. This was my kids first time Alabama and my first "long" car drive all by myself as driver. It was exciting for us all! We left early Friday morning and stopped by to visit a dear friend of mine, Angie, who I have known since middle school who now lives over there. It was great seeing her and her family! We were checked in the hotel before 5 p.m. We ate dinner and went swimming for about 2 hours. I was exhausted but didn't sleep as well as I would've liked (think my body was messed up with the time change and the bed was too hard). The space center was awesome! Kids had a great time! I'm so glad we were able to go on this trip! The ride home felt so long. But I think it's just because I was so tired. I think my thyroid level is still low (I go for more bloodwork next week) and I've been super busy lately which doesn't help. Sunday morning the kids went to the in-laws and I was in my friend, April's, wedding! Such a beautiful wedding on the lake. Well, it rained all day so she couldn't have it on the dock, but got married inside, but it had a lot of windows overlooking the lake - it was still gorgeous. I had so much fun at the wedding! Most of my friends were there, my entire small group - I love all those ladies so much! Anyways, that was our crazy-fun weekend! Now I'm looking forward to school being out for summer!!! =)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break '13

Feeding buddy the donkey.

They LOVED Legoland and are already asking when we can go back!


Me and Sheree.

This picture makes my heart melt.

We were blessed with an incredible Spring break!
Monday was very busy; detox in the AM, then in the evening, I went wedding dress shopping with my good friend, April. My mother in law was so helpful by watching the kids for me that day for both events! It is a blessing to be part of someone's wedding...I am so excited for April!
Tuesday the boys had some friends over for a sleepover! Dustin and Caleb spent the night. They had so much fun! They stayed up til way past midnight and finally I had to shut down the party. Instantly, they all passed out! ...and they woke up first thing, bright-'n-early Wednesday morning! They played soccer, we fed the donkeys, they enjoyed playing the Wii U. That afternoon when Crystal came to pick them up, we all got into the minivan and went down Wills Park - a park they had never been to before! After that, we took the kiddos to the mall (the same mall Perry and I originally met at). It was a great, fun filled day!
Thursday was a lazy day...we stayed in our PJ's as long as we could (which in all reality wasn't that long, haha). A lady from our Thrive group came over in the afternoon with her kiddos. It was a really nice day!
Then came Friday...women's group got canceled, so I took the kiddos to Legoland in the city! It was a blast! We were there all afternoon! The boys absolutely loved it! They had two rides and the boys rode both. The first one is pictured above. There was a super long line and the Lego-guy asked trivia questions with the crowd and if you got the answer right you were able to cut to the front of the line. Well, Zeke got it right and he and Ash moved right up the line! The second ride we all got to do. You sit in the the ride, and it takes you along, you have a laser gun and you shot the bad guys to save the princess! They also had a 4D movie cinema - we saw all there of their short films - they were all pretty good! The kids got to make Legos, Lego cars, race them, etc. Then they had a huge Lego, fire station type play area. And a girlie girl Lego area as well where you could sing karaoke! On our way back home, I called my dear friend, Sheree. We met up and took our kids out to dinner and then went rolling skating! Busy, busy day - slammed pack full of fun! Kids had a blast and passed out once we got in the car on the way home!
Saturday morning we went to the kids worshop at Home Depot. Amber and her kids showed up. We hung out at the outlet mall for a bit afterwards. We came home and pretty much chilled the rest of the day.