Friday, May 5, 2017

Easter Trip To Bozeman

Friday April 14th - Monday April 17th, 2017
Easter weekend

So, I did something crazy; I took my kids on a surprise trip to Bozeman, Montana! See, we've never been to Bozeman, let alone Montana and we live too close to not visit...the kids had a long weekend off from school...I got the time off of work...I thought it being a surprise would add to it. Looking back, I may not do the total surprise thing (I packed and loaded the car the night before and did not tell the kids until we were on the interstate!), they deserve to know so they can process, but nevertheless, it was a fun trip. I am grateful that a single mama like myself was able to bless my kids with this little getaway! 

Bozeman is about 7.5 hours from us.

No joke, I literally pulled off the interstate to take these pics. Can ya blame me?!

This made us giggle since we used to live in (a) Forsyth county. We also passed a sign for Dawson (another name of a neighboring county we lived by in the past).

Welcome to Bozeman! Though I believe this pic was actually taken when we left. ;)

Have I ever shared my love of mountains?

The kiddos enjoyed the pool after a long ride in the car! They enjoyed swimming a 
bit every day we were there (minus the day we left).

The time change (central to mountain) kind of messed us up; we were all up by 5am! 

Our first morning there we awoke to snow!

Bozeman is a cute little town for sure!

Two of the grizzlies at this encounter are actually from Georgia! Sweet little things like this meant so much to my kids, who repeatedly answered, "Where are you guys from?" with, "Georgia" even though we haven't resided there in almost 4 years! Macie (and almost Asher) have lived most of their lives in another state at this point, yet Georgia will always be their home!

Easter mornin' family selfie. :) We found a little church to visit. Asher and Macie both wanted to attend Sunday school which surpised me a tad being they're unfamiliar with this church, but hey, whatever floats your boat, kiddos!

Easter Sunday we went exploring! We felt especially grateful to spend a such a special holiday in God's gorgeous creation!

Monday morning meant back to reality...I don't think any of us wanted to leave!

Drive through the mountains.

 My faves. Taken the day we arrived.

Thank You, Father, for providing and allowing this amazing trip with my little family! <3