Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Zeke's 11th Birthday

Tuesday February 24th, 2015
Zeke's 11th Birthday

It is hard to believe he is 11. So many thoughts, so many emotions are running through me. I am so proud of him, of who is he, I love him so much. 
He had opened a couple presents early so on his birthday morning, he wanted to wait for his dad to open the rest. I made him breakfast, his request of bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes and biscuits. (Hey, what the birthday boy wants the birthday boy gets!) After breakfast, he opened gifts and then we played Beyblades. We rented Big Hero 6 - a movie he has been wanting to watch. He received a couple phone calls from friends. My BIG boy, well, now tween as he so excitedly announced- now takes real phone calls...like, an hour long. (When did he grow up?!) We spent some time outside in the little bit of snow we have left. Just a nice day at home with family. In the evening we had cake. 
Happy Birthday to Zeke! <3

Monday, February 23, 2015

Macie's 4th Birthday

Monday February 16th, 2015
Macie's 4th Birthday!

It is hard to believe my little girl is now 4! Where has the time gone?!
We had a nice day at home. She woke up and opened presents. I made her the same strawberry shortcake cupcakes that I've been making since she was 2. Her friend, Natalie, came over in the afternoon and they played together nicely. It was a precious time.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Saturday February 14th, 2015
Valentine's Day

For Valentine's I bought each of the kids a box of chocolates. Each kid had drawn a name at random to get a valentine gift for. Macie got Asher, Asher got Zeke, and Zeke got Macie. Macie had picked out a Ninja Turtles bubbles for Ash, Zeke noticed her interest in them so he picked out an Elsa bubble for her, and silly Ash picked out a fart noise maker for Zeke. I think Zeke's gift was the fave. ;) We baked sugar cookies from scratch and cut them into the shape of a heart. The kids enjoyed decorating them. Then their friends Natalie and Aiden stopped by for a few hours to play. 

Saying Goodbye

We had to do something very hard a few weeks ago...we had to rehome Sully, our furbaby. Due to some circumstances, we can no longer provide for Sully the way he needs and deserves. We found him a new home with a loving family who currently has a big dog and used to have a Great Pyrenees (so they have experience with his breed). They also have a  year old daughter. So Sully will not be lonely! I have kept in touch with his new owners and he is doing really well. We miss him very much and will always love him.