Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Night At The Park

Tonight, Macie, Zeke and I went to the park down the block (Asher opted to stay home with dad). I had fun with my two "February Babies" as we walked to the park and then sat on the swings. Macie then pretended there was a princess (Princess Ellaka - not sure of spelling) was at the top of the playground equipment. She showed Zeke and I the princesses big, puffy pink dress. Then Macie pretended that the playground was a camper and that she had four babies in tow, plus the princess. She said she has two daughters and two sons. One of their names being "Choppa" and "Chowgum" (again, not sure of spelling as she came up with names on the spot. When we asked how old her kids are, she answered by saying, "That one is 7 or 1." Or, "That one is 6 and 8." One kid is (and I am not remembering the numbers correctly), "4 and 8 and 5." When Zeke climbed up the slide, she got onto him for getting in her kids car seats. She then started to refer to Zeke as her son, and me as her sister. She was hollering for Zeke to come back up, but he was having fun playing on the ground (in a playful way to his sister's request), Macie looked back at her buckled kids and said, "One minute, I'll be right back. I have to go beat your brother." She then threatened Zeke with vinegar in the mouth. Now, she may have gotten that one from me, but I don't "beat" or even spank my kids so that one came out of left field. Zeke eventually came back around Macie and she "spanked his booty". The entire time they interacted together and it was just cute to watch them. Zeke was 8 days shy of turning 7 when Macie came into the world. It blesses my heart to see that even with the age difference, they still get along and play so well together. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Hate Cancer

I'm almost certain I have not written about the results from my endocrinologist back in May. Honestly, I lost my brain when I lost my thyroid. I used to have incredible memory, but now, I can't seem to remember even the most simple of things in the most recent of times. So frustrating.

Tonight, well, actually this morning as it's about 2am, I just can't seem to get cancer off my brain. Why you ask? Because my friend is in a fight for her life because of it.

I met Cynthia ten months ago at the Healing Strong conference. (I met her and Jade (who are close friends) and these two ladies I just cannot say enough good things about.) Cynthia is married with three young kids. What I was so impressed by her is even after a diagnosis of reoccurring cancer, this lady still had a smile on her face. The positivity just exuded from her. Maybe joy is a better word. Her outlook, her perspective is just pure and full of joy and hope. She is a lover of Jesus, and lives a selfless life of helping and encouraging others. She and Jade took me under their wing, made me one of their own, they mentored me. Those few days I had with them I'll never forget and always treasure. I love these ladies. We had been in touch via Facebook since the conference.

Well, I guess Cynthia was diagnosed with her third occurrence back in January. It had spread. I know she did a little radiation, chemo pills, but to no avail. Just a couple weeks ago, she and Jade went to Mexico to a clinic which practices the Gerson Therapy, but the three week stay ended two weeks early as Cynthia's pain increased. Since coming home, she has not left her bed. She doesn't want anymore chemo or radiation, and she will now be receiving hospice care at home to help with pain management as she is having difficulty swallowing pills right now.

And my heart is broken. How can someone I just met ten months ago have such an impact on my life? How can someone once so full of energy and life become so tired and ill in a matter of months? Why God her? WHY?! What about her kids?? I don't know how to process this. I have been praying without ceasing all day long. I keep checking for more updates. I can't believe we may never talk again; and I reread our last conversation. I am so angry this is happening, yet also holding on to the hope that Jesus will miraculously heal her like He's done before. I KNOW HE CAN.

And once again I'm left feeling like why me? Why am I okay and she isn't? When I was pregnant with Macie and two very close women in my life miscarried and I got to carry my baby full term, why God? Why spare me? God, I did handle my diagnosis with grace. God, I cried big, ugly face tears. God, I was angry. God, she stayed in You, she never lost faith or joy. God, even through the trenches she served You. God, she has been faithful. Please God, spare her, for just a while more.

I got a phone call just days after my May appointment saying "no mass was found" via ultrasound and nothing was found via the thyroglobulin test. Cancer free...though those were not their words as they want me to do a radioactive scan in December (one which I will refuse), I claim and believe and know Jesus has healed me. 

And tonight, my friend Cynthia lays in bed 1300 miles away. I cannot imagine what her husband and children are going through right now. Pray without ceasing, praying without ceasing, God I will continue to pray without ceasing. In the name of Jesus, Lord, please heal my friend.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

State Fair 2014

North Dakota State Fair
Minot, N.D.
Saturday July 19th, 2014

We noticed there were license plates from all over; South Dakota, Idaho, Montana and even Canada! In reality, Canada isn't far from Minot out all, but doesn't it sound crazy to say you're going to a fair in another country?!

Perry, Zeke, and Asher went on this one.

This was Macie's first fair ride ever. She rode it with Perry and Asher.

A special treat; caramel apples, mmm! And Zeke had a jumbo corn dog.


Macie's second ride with her daddy.

Perry, Asher, and Macie. Mr. Zeke didn't wanna  ride.

All of my people went on this. It went up higher than these pictures show.

All my babies up there; so high!

Just Zeke and daddy.

First game played.


Big boy ride.

My people. <3

I love this picture.
My entire family went on this. To me, this is scary. You don't seem super secure in this, you're high up and swinging around. As you may have been able to tell already, I am not adrenaline junkie. I prefer to keep my feet on solid ground. My kids, on the other hand, have no fear. None of them. All of my kids wanted to go on bigger rides. They were never scared to try something new. Macie, my three year old, laughed on these rides saying things about going higher! No fear in these kids, I tell you. And I love it.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July

Friday July 4th, 2014

People in town have been going crazy doing fireworks all week. 
This one is actually from July 3rd.

Enjoying popsicles on the 4th. :)

The sky was just crazy beautiful that evening.

See the moon there between those clouds?

Perry and the kiddos about to set off fireworks (Asher's choice first). 
Notice the rain cloud in the background.

This was Macie's rocket.
I actually like this picture with the tricycle and all. :)

Then Zeke's turn.

The kids and I spent most of the day home. We did go out to get fireworks after lunch. For dinner we had grassfed beef burgers wrapped in Romaine lettuce which ALL KIDS ATE. :) Perry came home just after 9pm and then we went to our friends, the Belling's, for fireworks. I was also able to meet Perry's co-workers wife who is a newbie in town.