Friday, January 16, 2015

Dec.-Jan. '14/'15 including GA trip

These 4 pictures are from the sun rise as we drove through North Dakota 
on Saturday 12/27/2014.

These next few pictures were taken in Wisconsin.

This beautiful sky picture was taken in Illinois 
Sunday 12/28/2014.

Metropolis, Illinois
The Super Museum

Monday 12/29/2014
I finally got to meet baby Drake! 2 weeks old exactly.

That night we went to the Seymours and I even got to meet Crystal's sis in law, Risa.
We had a blast!

Tuesday 12/30/2014 
I was able to meet up with an old friend from school, Nancy.

And then later hiked up to the Indian Seats with Amber and Macie.

Macie was excited to get her hair braided!

I loved every time I got to hang out with this fella.

Wednesday 12/31/2014
New Years Eve
@ The Seymours!
Fireworks & Poker

She passed out before midnight.

I still do not really understand the game of poker, but I tried for Crystal because I know she loves it and I love her! So thankful for all the time I was able to spend with her this trip.

Thursday 1/1/2015
New Years Day

Friday 1/2/2015
Crystal's birthday

Saturday 1/3/2015
Amber & I went bowling at Stars & Strikes.
I haven't laughed so hard in forever. I forgot how much fun she & I can
 (and used to all the time) have together. Treasure her!

Sunday 1/4/2015
Macie with her favorite WaumbaLand teacher at Browns Bridge. 
She has been Macie's teacher since she was a baby. Macie would only go to her! Caroline has even babysat for us before. We love her!

Monday 1/5/2015
Visit the Isbells.

Sleepover at Seymours! 
(Actually believe this was Sunday 1/4/15)

One night Crystal did my nails. Such a simple gesture but made me feel happy.

More snuggles with my main squeeze!

Me with my bestest. Love her. Miss her terribly.

Kaitlyn's birthday party.
Wednesday 1/7/2015.

Last night w/ Seymours.

Thursday 1/8/2015
Time to head home. Goodbyes are always hard.

We had to stop by Sheree's one last time to say bye to her and Lover (Drake).
Here's Macie w/ Lilo.

This cracks me up. Lilo resembles an Ewok in the face - check it out!
And also check out 9* in Georgia that morning! Craziness!

Not pictured is time I spent with April, and Starbucks with Chantell and Kim.
This trip was a bit different from our last. I made some assumptions and my friends proved me wrong (in the best way). I love them so much. I cried some this trip, but laughed so much more. These people are incredible people. It saddens me that I don't know when we will be able to see them again. It saddens me that we have to "do life" 1600 miles apart. I hope one day this changes. Meanwhile I treasure the time the kids and I were able to spend with these amazing people that God has strategically placed in our lives and through it all, sustained each of these friendships.

PS- Baby Drake is THE BEST therapy! Spending time snuggling the boy filled me with so much joy! That boy is special and will do great things in his life, I just know it!