Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cub Scouts: End of Year Pack Meeting

Sunday May 15, 2016

Met at park, each den assigned a food to bring; Asher's den was assigned desert. Kids played, badges/patches given out, info shared, dinner served, more playing, then dens helped clean up park for community service. 

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day 
Sunday May 8, 2016

Been doing this mother thing since I was 15 years old (almost half of my life!) - and let me tell you, it is not for the faint of heart! If you so allow it to be, mothering (parenting!) is quite the sacrifice and humbling experience. These are GOOD things that build character and can help us to be more patient, compassionate and understanding of others.

I love these kiddos so much. I complain when I shouldn't because they really do have the most beautiful hearts of anyone I know! Asher woke me to tell me he cleaned the living room. Macie literally scared me (i thought she was still asleep) as she jumped around the corner with a big smile wishing me a happy mothers day. And Mr. Zeke cleaned the bathroom. 👐😇 It's the little things!

Blessed to be their mama! I resolve to spend more time in the moment, treasuring the time I have with them. The days are long but the years go by fast!

Happy Mother's Day!!!