Saturday, February 22, 2014

Macie uses the potty!

Today, Saturday 2.22.14, my daughter went potty for the first time in her entire life! Last night she put on underwear and actually fell asleep in them. This morning, she asked me to put her on the potty (she did not have an accident last night). Sure enough, once I put her on the toilet, she went! Just like that! We are so proud of her and promised to get her a treat. :) I remember my friend, Crystal, telling me she didn't start potty training until 3 - that when they're ready, you'll know. Well, I believe it! This is a bitter-sweet thing as Macie is our youngest and quite possibly our last, and so now we are about to be done with diapers (forever?) and with the baby stage entirely. But it's also exciting to watch her grow up.

Sledding accident

Thursday evening (2.20.14), my kiddos and two boys they attend school with, all went sledding up the block from our house. Moments later, I get a frantic phone call saying Zeke got hurt. I get up there to find Zeke laying on the ground, crying, and his right leg turned back. I got him back home with help from those boys (one helping me, one carrying Macie who didn't want to leave). I was frantic because I assumed the closest hospital would be in Bismarck and that's still close to an hour away, and I didn't know WHERE it was located. I sent my friend Jessica a text and she was a huge help and sent me the address. I get all the kids in the car and did 85 the entire way to the hospital.Got to the hospital, couldn't find the ER entrance and ended up going the wrong way in a one lane road. It was madness. Thankfully, soon after we arrived at the hospital and everyone there was super kind and the entire process was rather quick. They x-rayed both his legs and nothing was broken, but it turned out he has strained/sprained a ligament. So he has a leg brace he has to wear now. Jessica met us at the hospital and helped me with the younger two as I helped Zeke dress and signed his discharge papers. Zeke was such a trooper and so strong about the whole situation. So sad this happened to him but so proud of him and his strength.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Macie's 3rd Birthday!

Sunday February 16th, 2014
Macie turns 3!

Girlfriend did NOT want to wake up.

We finally bothered her enough that she reluctantly woke up. ;)

But then she didn't want to open her own presents... 
thankfully big bro Asher was willing to help. ;)

It is hard to believe she is three!

Comparison pic! Infant Macie, 3-yr-old Macie.

Here's another cute pic of the birthday girl from way back when.
Awww, my wittle chubby bay-bay!!

Mom and Mace.

Big brothers and Mace.

One of Macie's presents was a Doc McStuffin's doctor set. 
She is putting a bandaid on me in this picture.

For someone who does not get shots, she sure loves to give 'em! ;)

She said my heart sounds good - PHEW! ;)

I made her the same strawberry shortcake cupcakes (recipe from Against All Grain) that I made her last year. Oh-my-goodness, I forgot just how yummy they are!

I also made a similar cupcake recipe but instead of strawberries, raspberries and
 Enjoy Life chocolate chips. Yum-o!

She enjoyed the singing and the candles so much she requested 
we do it a couple more time! ;)

Daddy and his princess!

We also tried out another church on Macie's birthday and we think this may be the one! Afterwards, we went to Applebee's (her choice). We then came home and I baked the cupcakes, then took the kiddos sledding. I swear, sledding with my kids is my most favorite thing in the world! I believe I scream louder than they do! And to end her special day, it started snowing! Beautiful end to a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday, princess - I love you!