Sunday, August 28, 2016

Back To School!

Macie came with me to help register for fall classes. August 3rd or 5th. 

She sat her doll up like that and took this picture.

August 22nd, Zeke's open house. Him & his friends trying to open his locker.

August 23rd, Macie & Asher's open house. 

August 25th - First Day of School!

First day of kindergarten!

Handsome fella! 3rd grade - say wha?!

Asher is the only one of my kids who will have experienced going to 
school with both Zeke and Macie.

Waiting to be released to morning recess.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Wednesday July 27th, 2016

My big sister, Beth, and her husband, Rudy, and their three girls Sophia, Grace and Lily came from Mass to visit us for a few days! I haven't seen my sis in 10.5 years! They stayed at a local KOA campground and my kids got stay with them. It was so nice getting to spend time together and for the kids to see each other. We were all so sad when they left. Hope to get to see them more!

Fall Out Boy concert

Friday July 22, 2016
Fall Out Boy concert at
The North Dakota State Fair in
Minot, North Dakota

Zeke is such a good kid and he's been an incredible help to me - since forever - but especially this summer. When he first heard about Fall Out Boy coming to NoDak, he wanted to go. And I was hoping I'd be able to make it happen but I was truly uncertain how I'd make it work with Ash and Macie. (I was even contemplating taking all 3 kids to this concert!) But as they say it takes a village and last minute I was able to swing it. A gracious friend of mine from work kindly agreed to keep Ash and Mace, my boss allowed me to leave work early. 

It was a direct shot to Minot but once I got there, I must've taken a wrong turn or something because it seemed forever til we found the fair, but we got there! Once we got into the fair, or got to the line to buy admission tickets, we were right behind his friend, Ashton, from school! How cool! I know that made this night even more special for Zeke. We all kind of stayed together. It was so nice.

Zeke was so sweet and appreciative. I got him a FOB shirt as a souvenir. I don't get much alone time with Zeke, so this was a special time. Grateful for this experience with him and SO GRATEFUL to call Zeke my son!

On the way home, a storm was coming in. As we were heading south, we saw the storm off in the distance towards home. The big skies of North Dakota make storms extremely intense. So I could see the lightning but it wasn't really where we were. As we drove closer to town, the rain came down and now we were under the lightning. A strange light came on in my car and I started to worry. It was about 12:30am and trying to get to Asher and Macie and there was the storm and now this car light. I did the only thing I knew to and that was to call out to God. As I pray, as the rain poured, as the lightning lit up the sky, a song by The Afters came on, "Light Up The Sky" and the peace of God came over me...and guess what? That light that was on in my car went off. What a sweet reminder that God is with me and He lights up the sky (through lightning sometimes?!) to let me know just that. That was also one of the songs I clung to in 2013.

All in all, it was a wonderful day filled with sweet memories. Grateful! <3