Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

The boys being silly had me style their hair like Macie's!

This was like a fair ride. It went pretty fast which I didn't realize it would and I was kind of nervous about how Macie would do but
 she loved it as much as the boys did!

Bubbles that evening at the bbq!

Easter morning!

We had a great Easter weekend! Saturday I took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at this church we've never been to. They had blow-uppie things for the kids to play on, petting zoo, even a fair ride! It was great! The Seymour's met us there. Macie's age group had their egg hunt first. Macie wasn't too interested in picking up eggs so we headed out pretty quick, lol. At the boys egg hunt, the Easter bunny came by on a helicopter and dropped eggs. It was so cool to watch!
That evening, a couple from mine and Perry's marriage group at church invited us over for a bbq. They were so sweet and got each one of my kids a few little toys! It was so nice getting to know them better! They have horses and the kids were able to feed them carrots and apples. The kids had a great time and so did I (they even danced to "Gangnam Style"!). And it was awesome to have grilled chicken instead of it cooked on the stove. (Can you tell I'm tired of this detox yet?! lol)
This morning, Easter morning, the kiddos and I went to church. I sat with Chantell and got to visit with Anne and Susan after service. Then afterwards stopped by Perry's mom's house briefly. Later in the afternoon, we went over to the Seymour's who invited us over for Easter lunch/dinner! They are like family to us! It was so nice and of course the kids had a lot of fun. Crystal even put together a little egg hunt for the kiddos. When we got home, I read the story of Easter aloud to the kids from one of their Bible's. I'm so thankful my kids are growing up hearing and learning about Jesus.
Overall, it has been a really great weekend. My family and I are so blessed by the wonderful people God has put in our lives. I am so thankful for Easter. Ya know, the REAL meaning of it. I'm so thankful for Jesus. I/we serve a Risen Savior! Woohoo!
Happy Easter!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to Asher!

Today my sweet Asher baby turned 5 years old! I know - he is hardly a baby anymore and I am having such a hard time accepting that! When Asher was actually a baby, he wasn't much of a cuddler, but as he has grown older, he has become very affectionate and my little snuggler! He has one of the sweetest hearts I know. Such a sensitive soul. Intentions are so pure. He's a great little guy!
Sunday was his party. He fell asleep on the car ride home from church which is unusual and then didn't want to wake up! I finally got him up as friends started to arrive and it took him a moment to warm up and really wake up, but when he did, he was so happy to be surrounded by those who love him! The Rosi's came from about an hour away, the Seymour's, Ott's, Shephard's (+friends), Tallant's, and Perry's parents and step sister were all there. Sooo. Many. Kids.! But oh so much fun!
Today was a very relaxed day. We did end up visiting Asher's grandma Lisa, then ate lunch at the park, and after school our good friends the Isbell's came over and brought brownies. The boys enjoyed playing outside with Asher's new big human size ball and playing the Wii. Very nice and simple day. But I still can't get over how big he is getting. Seems like yesterday he was just 2 years old. I don't know why my kids getting older makes me so sad! I need to get over it! lol!
Happy Birthday my sweet Ash! I love you forever!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Detox: Day 1

Today was a very exciting day - today was my first day of detox!! So, this morning I went in to the naturopath doctor and I did 30 minutes of my feet soaking in this mineral water, then 30 minutes in the sauna. They gave me an alkalized water to drink. The room was so relaxing, dimly lit, nice music. It's crazy that this is what treating cancer can look like! I had more questions and was able to talk in detail with them about everything. These people BELIEVE in what they do - it's amazing and encouraging! I was also able to speak with the doctor again and we set up a plan! I'll be going in weekly for 6 weeks doing this same thing, then after this 6 weeks it will be an additional 6+ weeks of more invasive detox. They gave me the container of the powder drink (Green Foods True Vitality) stuff. So, I take it for breakfast - 1 scoop + 8oz water. I can add berries and some lemon juice. Lunch - 1 scoop + 8oz water again, this time I can blend either an apple or celery with it. I can also have a small salad but no meat. Dinner is chicken, turkey, salmon, or bass with veggies. Though they recommend I stick with either chicken or salmon. They gave me a list of OK foods and foods to stay away from. Also, to keep the fruits and veggies fresh, not frozen (of course not canned but I don't buy them canned anyway). Pretty much keep it all organic. Which I pretty much do anyways. Also, I am supposed to drink half my body in water. She told me to take half my body weight, then 16oz per pound. That's a lot of water. Maybe I understood wrong? I should probably call or bring it up next week. I feel so good (confident) after today! I had my lunch drink (no salad), and chicken for dinner. Veggie wise all I have right now is kale and green beans. Dude, I was so hungry I ate soooo much vegatables! Haa! I feel so good that finally I'm doing something ... I feel like I've gained so much knowledge and I just want to share it with the world!

This is the stuff!
On top is the final product: powder + water (before I added the celery). It actually wasn't so bad.
This is the alkalized water. I'm going to look into buying some.
Mineral water feet soaking fun!
The sauna! Ahh, this I loved!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Plan

The plan regarding my treatment. Some find it controversal, but that would keep consistent with a lot of the choices I've (we/family) made the past few years.

I declined the radioactive iodine treatment. I mean, come on people, how do you expect me to say yes to something that probably caused the thyroid cancer to begin with?! Yes, radiation exposure has been directly linked to thyroid cancer. I keep replaying all the times I've either had an x-ray done the past few years, or been in the room while someone was having one done. And never once did the nurse offer the lead apron with the neck piece. Never once! About a year ago when I found out the connection between the two, I started requesting the neck piece, but was it too late? It was only months later the nodule was found and so on and so forth.

Also, a side effect of radiation is developing another cancer. Really? Trading one for another. Look, I'm not anti modern medicine and interventions, there is a proper time and place. For me personally, this is not the time or place. I am 100% comfortable and confident in my decision for my treatment.

The more I research and learn, I see how food really is our medicine! I believe it. It's so simple. Yet we medicate, medicate, medicate. These medications and such all had unnatural side effects and don't always work themselves. If we could get to the core of the problem, and truly adopt a life style of health, of wellness, physically, mentally, and spiritually - I believe there is our cure! For me, this strengthens my relationships with God. My dependence on Him. He created our bodies, and all things natural. But it's so hard. Dude, who wants to cut out sugar and all this yummy junk food? Who wants the majority of their diet to be raw veggies? After a long busy day with 3 kids, who wants to get in the kitchen and spend time cooking a meal from scratch when you can just throw a frozen pizza in the oven? I get this. I get convinience is a big deal in our society. I see why. But I believe you will pay for it one day. And I believe we can't possibly live the best quality of life that way. Research, research, research! I will never stop pushing that! Even if you choose otherwise, at least be educated. Diet directly affects our health and quality of life. I want to be my healthiest so that I may enjoy life, so that I may be an active mother and wife, so that I may be able to serve God! I can't effectively do all those things if I feel like crud. Which I most often do.

I've neglected myself for too long. Funny, the theme for the past few years has been to start taking care of myself. I've had many people speak this into my life. And it's taken this to happen for me to start taking it really seriously. I mean, I have changed our diet in some ways, our life style, but its far from where it should be.

So, here's the treatment plan. I will be going back to the naturopath doctor next Monday the 11th and I will be doing her 6 week detox program. This program is incredibly expensive, and incredibly thorough. My hope and prayer is that I will not fall off track and return to old habits. God give me strength. So, for breakfast and lunch I will be drink a special drink provided by her. For dinner, I can only have either chicken or fish and veggies. I will be drinking half of my body weight in water, daily. Weekly I will be going into her office for more detox treatment. From things like a sauna, to soaking my feet in this special mineral water to drain toxins through my feet, to even more extensive, invasive stuff to rid my body of toxins that I won't get in to on here. This program is extremely thorough. I will be detoxed from all things bad. And my plan is not to return.

I've found out that cancer lives off sugar. Sugar is in so much of our food - previously I didn't realize just how much. A friend even pointed out how her shampoo has sugar - really?! Shampoo?! After detox, I plan on eating as raw as possible. I do like the Paleo approach, but I won't really call myself Paleo, though my diet will favor that for sure. I plan on mostly eating raw veggies and fruits and some meat. I plan on staying away from grain, sugar, processed foods. I would love for my entire family to adopt this diet, but I know it will take time, especially for my kids. I will not be as strict with them as I am with myself, but I think it is important for my kids to learn now so it becomes habit, way of life for them so that it isn't such a struggle in the future. Plus, since I've had an auto immune disease (Hashimoto), my kids are now more likely to have one. So healthy eating is very important.

I need to find a workout that works for me. I've looked into Crossfit and it seems so cool. But really, we're not looking to add to our current bills, and Crossfit is expensive. I've considered joining a gym...but again, I really don't want to sign a contract and we're trying to cut back and be debt free - not add to our bills. We have a treadmill. It's hard for me to get into that. I'm not a runner, nor have I ever been. I can walk and talk all day long, though :) I like weights. I like squats and machines. I'm not big into cardio. This is why I thought joining a gym to attend classes would be a good idea. I just don't know, though. So yes, this is my current struggle; finding a work out that I enjoy doing. It's also hard with the kids...I enjoy going places and walking and hiking, but the kids are less than thrilled about that (understandably so) and so it cuts my time short or makes it difficult. I just need to find something that works for me.

I am beyond excited to start detox. I want to feel better, to lose weight, to gain confidence, health and better quality of life. For two weeks I was hot flash free, but this week they've returned. My body is completely out of whack and I can tell, lacking in deficiencies. I know it's going to be hard, especially the first week. But I know it will be worth it in the end. I am hopeful that any cancer that may still be in my body will be killed by this route. I've read so many stories just of people cutting sugar and processed food out of their diet - people who were given a death sentence - and months later were cancer free! I've also read stories of people who did that, and later returned to their old ways and it returned. So I know keeping this new life style is also key. And more than just sugar, cancer lives in an acidic state. So it's important to keep my body in an alkaline state. I have a list of such foods.

This is me surrounding to God. I know myself, and I know if I went radiation route I would put my faith and trust in these doctors when they are NOT my healer! The path I am choosing to take has no negative side affects on me or my family unlike the other treatment did. I will change my diet and life style naturally, eat the raw and natural food God himself created, take care of my body to the best of my ability and trust God with the rest. It's in His hands. I can only do so much. I trust Him with my healing. For me, doing all this research, choicing to live this way, just grows my faith and trust in Him. I've prayed about this, and I feel so confident this is His will. With all that being said, I am ecstatic for treatment next week! I can't wait to update with how progress goes!