Friday, October 30, 2015

Cast My Cares On You

I love this song by Finding Favour. I espcially love hearing my 4 year old sing it.

When fear feels bigger than my faith
And struggles steal my breath away

When my back's pressed up against the wall
With the weight of my worries stacked up tall
You're strong enough to hold it all

I will cast my cares on You
You're the anchor of my hope
The only one who's in control
I will cast my cares on You
I'll trade the troubles of this world
For Your peace inside my soul

This war's not what I would've chosen
But You see the future no one knows yet

And there's still good when I can't
See the working of Your hands
You're holding it all

I will cast my cares on You
You're the anchor of my hope
The only one who's in control
I will cast my cares on You
I'll trade the troubles of this world
For Your peace inside my soul

Im finding there's freedom
When I lay it all on Your shoulders

Cast my cares
I will
Cast my cares
I will
Cast my cares on You

Broken Foot

Tuesday October 13, 2015 

My poor Zeke broke his foot the last week of soccer. He was at practice when he hurt it. The coach sent him home early to ice and elevate it. At first I didn't think it was serious - neither did his coach - but hours had passed and it was still swollen and hurting. It was about 8:50p.m. when I decided we need to go to urgent care (which closed at 9p.m.). Thankfully we live minutes away and they had us in and out in 20 minutes. They xrayed his foot and told us it was in fact broken in one - possible two - places. They gave him an ace wrap and a boot. The following week he saw the podiatrist who confirmed broken foot and sprained ankle.

This kid has been such a trooper! He had to miss his last soccer game and has been unable to participate in certain activities due to his injury, but he's been a champ about it. We did go and cheer on his team at the last game.

This is our family's first time ever dealing with a broken limb. I'm kind of surprised it was Zeke!  But like I said, what a trooper! Love him much!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Church Tonight

I just finished Priscilla Shirer's Bible Study "Armor of God." It was uhh-mazing! I highly recommend it.

The past 7 weeks, while in the Bible study, I've experienced a lot. Attacks from the enemy and also learning a lot. Some things I learned about were attached to things God has been revealing to me over some time. Like the need to be in control.

It was a small group tonight, just three of us made it. But we got to talking about this (control). One of the ladies shared from her experience that God revealed to her that she just needed to trust Him. Wow, that hit me like a ton of bricks. I struggle with trusting in general, whether it's with people or God himself. Whether it's because I've been hurt, disappointed or just haven't gotten my way, I no longer believe or trust in the words of others and I just take things upon myself to handle - because it would be better for me to be overwhelmed handling things on my own than for me to trust someone and be let down.

We elaborated on this topic for a moment longer and she said something to me - and I may not be quoting it right but it brought tears to my eyes - she said something along the lines of, maybe God wants me to trust Him, that He is now in the role of my husband,  provider, protector. Oh man. How different would life look if I acted on that? Just wow.

I want to remember this, therefore I write. :) I have much praying to do on this. This gal also pointed out something else that ironically I hadn't thought's regarding one of my prayers that I've been praying for years and yet the opposite of what i prayed for happened...she said, what if God had been knocking on that person's heart but THAT PERSON CHOSE NOT TO ANSWER???! It does happen. We all have free will.

So much to "marinate" and pray on right now. Thankful for these moments with my sister's in Christ!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jesus in my heart

We were discussing Asher's upcoming baptism when Macie asked why we get baptized and I explained. She then goes on to say that she has God and Jesus in her heart and that she puts them there every day! Oh my heart!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Can I Just Say

I love God!  I really do! I love to see Him in action in my life and in the lives of others. When we put our trust in Him and depend on Him for all things, it heightens our awareness of His presence and heightens our awareness to His activity in our lives. I love that I have friends who give me sound, Biblical advice. That they don't say the things that the world says, but they speak TRUTH straight from the Bible. Sometimes it's hard truth, sometimes it's gentle. But let me be clear, I want the truth regardless if it's emotionally satisfying or not. I love my friends encouraging me with Scripture. I appreciate how they don't try to influence me to sway a specific way but support me in whatever, and join me in prayer, or share a specific verse. I love how their compliments sound a lot like, "Girl, that's the Holy Spirit in you!" Love, love, love these amazing women of God. And I love my God. And let me tell you friends, trials of this life will come. But they are so much more bearable when you place your faith in the One big enough to handle it and surround yourselves with friends who point ya back to the One.

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. - Jesus, John 16:33

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Something I've Learned

I've been learning new things lately, one of them being it is not my place to point out someone else's sin. Instead, how 'bout I look at me and examine my own.

Ah yes, to some degree I knew that already  BUT it can look different varying the situation.

For example, you hurt me. So bad. So I point out all the things you did that hurt me. And though what you had done may be wrong, it's not my place to point out your sin. Instead, I should reevaluate my actions and see if I sinned. And if I have, I need to go straight to God and ask forgiveness, then come to you. 

I'm learning this as I walk through it. I'm not on the other side of it yet. But I can only assume there is a time and place to say, "Hey! When you did this or that, it made me feel this or that." I'm trying to learn balance, when and how to say what, as the motive of the heart matters as well.

The last week and a half has been one of the most emotional roller coaster rides I've had the (dis)pleasure of being on. Another thing I've learned is to just go to God in that moment. I don't have to wait for a quiet moment to call Him or shoot Him a text. Wherever I am, whatever I'm doing I can send a prayer Heavenward and it's amazing the peace that follows. It also helps to have friends who somehow maintain this unconditional love for you even when you have been nothing but a consumer of the friendship lately. And what more, those friends love you by saying hard things, and always pointing back to God.

I want to add, even if the person is spewing words of hate at you, including your sin, you have the choice to not retaliate. Instead, remember "a gentle word turns away wrath" Proverbs 15:1. I love seeing this verse in action! Also, "For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Matthew 7:2. It's good to be mindful of that verse before we respond. Lastly, "For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Romans 12:19.

We don't have to fight this battle. We don't have to repay hurt to those who hurt us. We can rest in the truth in God's word. He's got this. 

Friends, let us "not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cub Scouts & Pumpkin Patch

Asher just joined Cub Scouts (he's been waiting to join for years!). He had his first Den meeting Friday October 2nd. He is a Wolf.

Sunday October 4th was his first Pack meeting. It was at the local pumpkin patch!