Sunday, October 19, 2014

I want to be more like my daughter

When she looks into the mirror, she doesn't comment on her flaws, 
or say that she's ugly.

When she gets dressed, she doesn't question, "does this make me look fat?"

She does not waver in who she is and what she likes.

She is confident and strong.

She knows she is loved, treasured, and captivating.

When she's told Jesus loves her, she knows that it's true.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

By the stripes of Jesus

I have heard several people over the years say, "by the stripes of Jesus I am healed" over a certain situation. Actually, I'm reading a book where a woman was struggling with something in her body and she kept saying that to that part of her body over and over.

For the last year, my tonsils have been swollen. Sometimes more than others. It can all be linked back to the time my old doctor messed with my thyroid medicine, but nonetheless, it hasn't stopped and sometimes it's scary because I'm afraid it'll prevent me from breathing properly during sleep. (I can't get a straight answer from the doctor on what the cause could be; weak immune system, food allergy, etc.) 

About two nights ago, they were really swollen. Usually jumping on the rebounder helps, but this time, not so much. It was late, kids were sleeping, Perry was at work. I have been learning so much about praying boldly, and not just that, but believing God is able. And as always, continuing to learn more about faith and what that looks like in action. So I started to say over and over, "By the stripes of Jesus I am healed" and no joke, by the second time the swelling in my tonsils went down. I continued to say it, though. I got more into it and added some other things, but the point is, the swelling went away! And it hasn't been back since! This hasn't happened at all in the last year! This is so exciting and I'm thankful to Him and I just wanted to share as an encouragement. :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Field Trip!

Friday October 10th, 2014
National Weather Center 

We had another field the other day, this one to the NWC in the states capitol! We learned about the weather, and how they make predictions, different tools used, etc. Afterwards, we had lunch on the lawn outside and watched airplanes fly by from the nearby airport. :)

Was unable to get many pics, but was able to take this one of a radar.

TCM Update

I have been taking Chinese herbs for about 3 weeks (or just under that). Marilyn, the doctor, told me that herbs work on a cellular level, so it would be slow, gradual changes over time. 

Last Wednesday I picked up another weeks worth, and she had tweeked some of the herbs. First two weeks, the taste was bitter. Earthy and bitter. And even if I didn't taste it as I drank it FAST, I could still taste the bitterness. Does that even make sense? It started to upset my stomach a little, so that's why she changed them slightly. This week, it isn't so bitter. Still not a fun taste, but I'm ok with that. Nothing can be more rough than a beet smoothie, of this I'm convinced.

Anyways, I am excited because I'm starting to feel changes! Yes, today was the first time in a long while that I did not feel tired. I usually have a crashing point every day where I just wanna sleep. And I flirt with the idea in my head, but very rarely do I actually lay down. I don't know if it's adrenal fatigue or what (thyroid levels are optimal right now) but it's rough. Some days the desire to stop all I'm doing and snooze is stronger than others. But today, THE THOUGHT NEVER EVEN CROSSED MY MIND. This is a big deal! Because it usually always crosses my mind...even just a little. Even if I'm not full blown exhausted, I'm usually at least a little tired, or just need to sit down for a moment. Nope, not once today. NOT ONCE. This is a big milestone. Now if we could start working on the brain fog...hehe.

Thought I'd share this exciting update. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Co-op Class

Monday October 6th, 2014

We had our first homeschool co-op class! It will meet twice every month,
 plus a field trip once a month. This is the second home school group we've joined - though this one is a tad different as it's an unofficial co-op. This group is smaller, and is in the next town over which is nice. This month's theme is Christopher Columbus. The kids enjoyed class and getting to know other home schooled kiddos. Mama had fun too. :)

Family Day

Saturday October 4th, 2014

Ballet, park, then family science day at DSU. That evening, hot chocolate and 
"Hocus Pocus" with daddy.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sweet Moment With Asher...

As part of his school, Asher and I were talking about 1 John 4:15-16

 If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God. And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

I asked him several questions, one being, "If you believe in Jesus, how does God dwell or live within you?" Asher basically starting naming off the fruits of the spirit. (Wise kid, I tell you.) He goes on to ask if you have to be baptized which brought us to talking about asking Jesus to come in our heart first. He said he already did. I asked when. He said that one time when he was lost from me.

A few months ago I brought all three kids to the community pool in another town. The boys were going down the water slide on one side of the pool, meanwhile Macie was on the other side where it's shallow and there's a small play area. The boys came off the slide and I was hollering for them to come on, it's time to go. I saw Asher go to the side of the pool to get out. So I went over to the play area to get our bag. I look back and Asher's gone. Long story short, it was about 30 mins and many horrible thoughts before we were reunited. Worst experience of my life. When he got out of the pool, he didn't see me and thought I had left without him. He went through the changing rooms to the front of the building where he sat on the floor between a column and the front desk. A lady who works there found him. He said he was too scared to talk to anyone. He said he talked to God while he was sitting there, asking God to bring us back together. I am crying right now just remembering this day.

So that is the incidence he was talking about when he said he asked Jesus into his heart. This is the day he said he asked Jesus into his heart, on July 17th 2014. Asher has wisdom way beyond his years. I love hearing his answers when we talk about the Bible and Jesus. Anyways, just another sweet moment I wanted to document for years to come.

"Oh my heart...
This afternoon at the pool I lost Asher for almost 30 mins. I was waving him and his brother down because it was time to go. I saw Asher getting out of the pool. So I walked over to where our bag was to get it. I look back up and he's gone. I thought maybe he went back down the slide, but he never came down. I thought maybe I over looked him in the lazy river, but he wasn't there. I asked Zeke if he knew, because where he is his brother is usually not far behind, but Zeke did not know. I stood there, eyeing the pool, surely I am missing him, he's got to be somewhere. But he wasn't. I told a life guard, she didn't really seem to know how to handle the situation. I kept pacing the pool up and down becoming more frantic. I go back to her, she tells me to go to the life guard office and tell them, so I do. At this point, I start to cry, WHERE IS MY CHILD??? I start thinking maybe someone kidnapped him. I was trying to think if I saw anyone suspicious. I kept going back to the life guards, I went into the next room with the lap pool which is deep. I checked the changing rooms. I was in complete panic mode. "Please God, please!" I felt so helpless and like no one was actually trying to help. I wondered if I was going to see my baby again, if he was ok... When I went to get my phone a lady came in with Asher. She found him sitting between this huge rock column and the front desk. I grabbed my son and just balled like never before. I couldn't even talk. I never got to thank this woman. I just buried my head into my son and held him close to my heart. I don't even care what people were thinking...I got my baby back. Later talking to Asher, he told me he was asking God to send someone to find him.    He thought I had left, he went to look for me, but my shy Asher was too shy to ask for help, so he sat there talking to God.

The good in all this is my son was found. Thank you Jesus! And also, that my son, at the young age of 6, knew that when he is lost and afraid to go to God. And guess who was faithful?"