Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dr. Appointment #1: Results Are In

Last week I had a physical done (my endocrinologist appointment is next and that's scheduled for May 28th). I was a nervous wreck. I cried the entire ride to the office, in the office, to the nurse, to the doctor. My blood pressure testified to just how nervous/scared/a wreck I was. But this doctor (and her staff) were incredibly sweet and good at their job. 

I shared with the doctor my health history and went into all kinds of details. She performed a complete physical and took what felt like gallons of blood to run various tests. 

Today the results came in...I have a copy in hand and I was able to speak with the doctor over the phone in great detail. Last week she had mentioned that perhaps I had Sheehan's Syndrome (http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/sheehans-syndrome/basics/definition/con-20029870). I appreciate her even looking into other options as to why my hormones are going chaotic and I haven't had a cycle in forever, and these hot flashes are a killer. Everyone else has always dismissed these things or blamed my thyroid. 

Anyways, turns out it can't be Sheehan's as my pituitary gland is obviously still working, as we can tell by my FSH level. My estrogen is low, and my FSH is (still) really high. Those things are characteristics of menopause. Or post-menopause. I'm 26. Just turned 26. These symptoms have been going on since the birth of Macie (I was 22). That ain't right for someone my age. So, pretty much she is saying my ovaries have stopped working (producing estrogen). 

I asked what could cause this in someone my age? Chemo and radiation, she replied. But I haven't received either of those! I asked could it be ovarian cancer? No, she said. 

Long story short, she's ordering an ultrasound of my ovaries. She is also sending an order for me to see an OB/GYN. I asked if I should skip the OB/GYN and go straight to a Reproductive Endocrinologist, but she thinks I should try the OB/GYN office here first, that they're pretty good dealing with this stuff, and if for whatever reason I can always get a referral for the RE. (The RE, by the way, is 4 hours away, just like my endocrinologist.) 

So, right now I am waiting to hear from her nurse to schedule these things. I am excited that someone is listening to me and trying to help. I am also thrilled to be getting an ultrasound and hopefully will get an answer as to WHAT is going on in there! I just want my body to work the way its supposed to. "I'm too young to be this dang old." Literally. 

PS- All my other levels and organs and all that jazz look good! PTL!

UPDATE: Ultrasound scheduled for Friday 5/2/14.

2nd UPDATE: Ultrasound results came back GREAT. Menopausal women, often their ovaries shrink, my doctor explained, sometimes even to the point of being undetectable. Mine looked fabulous and are normal size, great blood flow! Also, menopausal women often have no lining in the uterus, whereas I do have lining and it's within normal. She said it's on the thin side of normal, but its still normal, and will vary in size depending where in your cycle you are. I'm taking this all as great news and giving thanks to the Lord and am excited to meet with the gyno in a couple weeks! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Random Adventure!

Saturday April 26th 2014

Perry was at work when he called me and told me he was coming home and to get ready, 'cause we're going out! I am game for going out and doing stuff - especially seeing new places! Perry took us to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora. 

(Pay attention to the sky in some of these pictures...unbelievably gorgeous!)

Medora is an incredibly cute little town! It's like something out of a movie.

Ok, so it totally appears as though we just brought our kids to a bar. In our defense, it was advertised for families upstairs. HOWEVER, apparently upstairs is closed until Summer time so the guy told us it would be ok to eat in the main area. For the majority of the time we were the only people there. I felt like I was in a Western movie! :)

Cowboy hats and dollar bills hanging on the ceiling.

"We don't dial 911" haha!

Bison! Everywhere bison! My whole childhood, all I remember is cowboys and indians. My brother was totally into that stuff. Visiting this area really made me feel like I was in a Western! I guess this is where cowboys were/are. Anyways, it was so cool getting to see "buffalos" up front. We had a lot of fun!

Prairie dogs! Can't see 'em good in this picture but they are there!

Asher made me take this picture...don't ask.

Bison in the middle of the road!

This guy was super big!

You can't tell very well in these two pictures but there's a path here. Asher and I decided to walk out to the end of it. It's very high up, and the wind was blowing incredibly strong, as someone afraid of heights and always worries about the kids getting hurt - this was a big deal! I am so thankful I did it, though, and with Asher. 
What a great memory we now have! This little trip was good for my soul!

Wild horses!!!

Oilfield stuff.

We all had a blast! We sang "Home On The Range" and made silly jokes. Just fun, fun, fun!